Creating a DVD in Adobe Encore

Please follow the directions below to burn your final documentary to DVD:

1. Open Adobe Encore, from All Programs
2.  Create a New Project, title it YourTopic-Documentary
3. Change location to save on the F:Drive
4.  Authoring mode is DVD /TV Standard: NTSC
5. File > New > Timeline (will add new Timeline below)
6. File > Import As… > Asset > Pick your final exported video
7. Drag your imported video to the Timeline
8. Insert blank DVD into CD Drive
9. File > Build > Disc…
10. Click BUILD button (this will burn your DVD)

When your DVD is complete it should appear under My Computer. To test DVD open with Windows Media Player.

You will need to burn ONE DISC PER PERSON in your group. Each member is responsible for getting a burned copy of your documentary and inserting into your final Press Kit.

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Script Template in Student Share

Topic groups: Please find the Script Template publisher file in the Student Share > Maria McTighe folder. Use this to format your annotated script and save your file and place in the V:Drive. I will print you scripts double-sided, then you can cut it down to fit in your press kit.

REMINDER: Please update your final print-ready press kit and place in the V:Drive; to print full bleed you will need to change your AI document settings – File > Document Setup > width should be 17″ / height should be 11″ – this will ensure your file prints full bleed @ 11″ x 7.25″

Please have your script template and DVD sleeve for your press kit complete by end of day TODAY. We will be compiling press kits tomorrow.

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Seniors: Intersession Sign Up

Please follow this link to complete the intersession sign up:


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The Next 3 Days

Here are your priorities for the next 3 days:

- video: absolutely 100% MUST be complete and exhibition ready / exported to Mp4 by Wednesday, Dec. 12 (you will NOT be permitted to stay after school and work this day)

- PSA poster (final for group): DUE end of day Tuesday, Dec. 11th

- Press Kit (individual): this will include a custom / original graphic OR photograph, your group topic logo & heading, group member names, 200 word – brief bio (explain what you and your partners did – in your own words), annotated script will be inserted into DVD case

11 x 7.25″ @ 300 DPI (full size DVD sleeve)
single side = 5″
spine = .5″
YOU will be responsible for creating your template using illustrator. Use guidelines to section off your document.

To save and submit your DVD sleeve – in Illustrator under File > Document Set up, change your file dimensions to 17″ x 11″ then save file as a PDF lastname_firstname_DVDSleeve. Place this file in the V:Drive in your topic folder to be printed.

Final script size = 5″ x 7.25″ – you will need to format the margins of your document to fit this size, and be sure to include a .5″ margin. Your font should be Times New Roman and your font size should be 11pt. Title should be 13pt BOLD.

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Additional PSA Poster Criteria

- 11″ x 17″ @ 300 DPI
- slogan / tagline
- image should relate to the topic
- consistent color theme / contrast in color
- components of infographics / simplicity of advertisements

Additional PSA Criteria from Brandon’s class:

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Projects: PSA Poster, Press Kit

This week, along with updating and perfecting your documentary, you and your group members will be producing 3 other deliverables that will be due this Friday.

Each group will be creating a PSA poster to bring awareness to their topic (see examples below) , in addition, each member will be creating a press kit which will include a personalized graphic, bio about the topic and project process and final annotated script.

The class will be developing criteria for the PSA poster. In your group, each member must find 2 examples of a public service announcement or advertisement that promotes your cause (you can even use examples of PSAs that are against your cause). You will be presenting these PSAs tomorrow (please post images – or links to the image – to the comments section of this post) What we will be evaluating specifically is the design and layout, use of language, and use of images. By looking at and comparing different models the class will develop the expectations for the final PSA posters that you will be creating. These posters will be 11 x 17″ @ 300DPI and you have the option of designing them in Illustrator or Photoshop.

Here are the requirements:
- posted must what people can do on an individual level
- custom photography (at least 1 edited photograph)
- custom illustration (integrated into final poster)
- use of 2 different typefaces (fonts)
- use of topic logo
- use of project logo

Examples below:

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Group Meeting / Proposal

Due to the variety of technology and video compatibility issues we have been facing over the course of the final project, I would like for you and your group members to take ~20 minutes to review your rough cut video and take notes on the following:
- what needs to be updated or improved (specifically: video quality, audio quality, animation, timing, etc)
- what can be eliminated? is there information that does not seem relevant or do you find that you have room to remove some parts of your video in order to focus on more important relevant aspects of your topic
- where can your narrator be more enthusiastic (this content is very rich and interesting, but if you’re just reading off your script into a camera lens for 6 minutes, it gets quite dull for the viewer)

Take time to make these notes and post them to your project blog with a proposal on how you will improve your video. I would also like each group to design an updated storyboard in detail for the first hour of class (if you are scheduled to film you can still do so but you will be required to complete the proposal post and storyboard).

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Animation, Green Screen & Rough Cut (oh my!)

This week you and your group members will be working towards your rough cut video which will be due at the end of the day on Friday, Nov. 9. This means your complete video is compiled, edited and ready for critique.

Please refer to the Project Document and be sure to use the criteria outlined in the document. This week you will be filming any additional footage or stock video you need for your documentary as well as filming your narrator and creating your animations. It is extremely important that you have a plan for your group each day in order to ensure maximum work time productivity.

Things to consider:
- your narrator needs to know the script cover to cover. you will be filming your narrator against a green screen. YOU MAY NOT READ FROM THE SCRIPT – you should be speaking to the camera as if you were presenting in front of an audience: make eye contact, be animated and charismatic, this will need to be rehearsed.
- it is not likely that you will be able to film your entire script in one day successfully. that said, your narrator should have a specific outfit and ‘style’ that is maintained each day you film. if you need to leave a set of clothes at school, that’s fine – remember how this documentary will come together in the end.
- do not wear blue or green tops or pants when filming against the green screen. instead, consider wearing black or white, or a limited patterned top. this will ensure ease of color keying when the time comes to do so with your video.

Getting Started (animation):
- find your scanned artwork in the maria mctighe folder under Student Share
- open your PDF files in AI and follow the live trace steps (from Mind Mapping) to convert your drawings to vectors
- live paint color is optional for your illustrations
- each illustration must be it’s own separate file
- name all files appropriately and save them into a dedicated folder in the F:Drive
- once you have successfully converted all your files you can being to import them into a new After Effects project


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Final Script Format

Today your final script with footnotes is due. You will need to print your file and turn it in to me by 3:40pm today. Additionally, your final illustrations for animation need to be ready to scan (dark outlines) and turned in by the end of the day.

The final script format is as follows: (in Google Docs – Arial Font)
- top left: title (bold, 15pt font)
- top right: topic logo
- at left: group members names (normal, 14pt font)
- script in paragraph format (normal, 12pt font)
- INSERT>Footnotes beneath script (normal, 10pt font)

This is a sample of what your final script should look like:

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Script Critique: Read Aloud

Today you will be partnered up with another topic group to complete a critique on your documentary script. You should have all copies of your script ready.

To begin, give your script copies to your critique group. They will be reading your script aloud. While one person in their group reads, the other 2 members will be taking critique notes on the script copies. Your group will be listening and taking notes on another copy of the script. While your script is being read, use a timing device to time how long it takes to present the information. The person reading the script should act as though they are presenting.

Things to consider:
- flow of information
- transitions from one topic to another
- this is not a lecture: information should be interesting and informative
- timing: should be at least 5 minutes long but should not exceed 8mins
- grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice
- EnviroSci criteria (does the script fulfills all requirements)

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