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Leadership project proposal

I would like everyone to write a few sentence project proposal statement by Thursday, February 12.  You can either post your proposal as a comment on this posting or as a posting on your blog.

The things to include are:

– a problem statement of what issue you are interested in working on

– what you will look to do

– how you will share with the world what you’ve done

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Class next week

Remember that we will not be meeting next week.  I pushed back 1 week reading Other People’s Children.  I would suggest getting started sooner than later on that book, as it is an interesting read but not necessarily a quick one.  When we meet next we will (finally) discuss Disrupting Class, which Brian described as “the best book we’ve read so far.”  I, for one, want to know why Brian thinks this.

I think it would be good if you could post what your first BOC (book of choice) will be and why you picked it.

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So how does this “internets” thing work?

Ok, so I don’t think I totally understand how we use blogs to post reflections?  I guess everyone should post something about Disrupting Class and follow a QQC format?

I was thinking it would be cool if people would post something about their thoughts about the School Leadership project.  What are you thinking about doing?

Would it make sense to post something about what you are thinking for your first “choose your own book?”

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Welcome to the HTH GSE School Leadership Blog.  Students will be posting their reflections on readings and conversations we’ve had.  Enjoy!

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