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OK second graders made this. This is not a joke.

A bridge project by 2nd graders at the Genesee Community Charter School.

Image of the real bridge with a description

The model built by second graders, with hand fired bricks

The bridge comes apart so that you can see that boats traveled by canal through the bridge.

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Exhibiting Both Product and Process

Over the years, we have argued about whether we should only exhibit student products or if we should also exhibit the process behind the product. While some have had some success exhibiting process, I have not had great models in my mind of ways to exhibit process. Today, I visited the Genesee Community Charter School, a K6 public charter school in Rochester, NY. This is a school that project based learning guru Ron Berger claims has some of the best student products in the country.  He sure is right about that, but they also do a great job of exhibiting process. For each project and set of products, they also create a large poster that shows the steps, milestones, readings, writing assignments, examples of student work, rubrics, images, and other elements of the project.

For example, see this poster:

Here are some close-ups of components from some of the posters:

NY Times article with student definitions of unknown words.

Student work sample

Images from the project

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