Pedagogy, i.e. Educational Philosophy:

Honestly, I rather keep this simple with bullets about what I am currently thinking, because things change and I might not think this tomorrow:

  • Teaching is more like coaching, where students are given some task to achieve and the teacher coaches them on what he observes not what he did at home.
  • Students are not’ empty vessels waiting to be filled. They are people with experiences, talents and creativity, treat them as such.
  • We should be teaching students to survive and handle failure, they will be better off in life. Those who are already high achieving will not keep trying if they know they can get and “A” with out trying and those who are struggling won’t try if they think that failure is not the way to learn;  as opposed to the indication that you are.
  • Fail often to succeed sooner.
  • Don’t have students create projects that you wouldn’t put on your coffee table or wall at home.
  • Persistence, passion and patience are measures of my student’s potential for success, not grades.
  • “Enlightened trial and error succeeds over the planning of the lone genius”, CEO of IDEO Tim Brown.
  • “No matter how long you travel down the wrong path, it’s always a good time to turn around,” Turkish Proverb
  • Innovators are those in a profession that others call crazy and stupid until they realize they were right.
  • It’s more difficult to abandon practices rather than to adopt new ones.
  • The Construct of Classroom Forms the way we teach children.
  • What’s more important than asking questions about what matters most?
  • Schools are designed to make learning more like the Industrial Revolution and less like the Connection Revolution, design for the later.
  • Working in collaboration with other teachers is more like a dance, you can’t both lead at the same time or it’s a freaking lousy mess. Sometimes you have to follow and sometimes you have to lead. Not line dancing, that’s a solo act, but more like a tango, a refined orchestrated piece of art that makes the dancers appear to be one.

My new big question is “What Is School” For? (Seth Godin)

More to come…….or more to remove in the near future

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