Now that your design for your hovercraft has been completed you will need to complete the below activity to prepare your float for the hovercraft parade. Follow the directions below.


Civil Rights Timeline


Civil Rights Movement




Your Hovercraft group is responsible for researching each topic below.  Your group will need to write/type 3-5 sentences about each event or person and the significance to African-American history.


STEP #1 This is due at 11:00am TODAY (the day this is assigned).


  1. Brown vs. The Board of Education-

  2. Jim Crow Laws-

  3. Nat Turner’s Revolt-

  4. Abolitionism and the Underground Railroad-

  5. Dread Scott Case-

  6. Frederick Douglass-

  7. John Brown’s Raid-

  8. American Civil War  and Emancipation-

  9. Antebellum South –

  10. Separate But Equal-

  11. Booker T. Washington-

  12. The Naming of Slaves-

  13. W.E.B. Du Bois-

  14. Tuskeegee Air Men-

  15. NAACP-

  16. The Scottsboro Boys, 1931

  17. Harlem Renaissance

  18. African Americans in World War II

  19. Emmett Till

  20. Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott

  21. Central High School Integration

  22. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  23. Civil Rights Act of 1964

  24. Malcom X

  25. Election of Obama

  26. Jackie Robinson entered Major league baseball in 1948

  27. Bloody Sunday: 3 marches from Selma to Montgomery, AL (Sunday, 7th March 1965)

  28. The Freedom Riders: Rode interstate buses into the segregated south

  29. Music of the Civil Rights

  30. The African Influence on American Music

  31. Medgar Evers

  32. Sixteenth Street Baptist Church


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