My Mother actually named me “Blue” after a cowboy on TV. My dad wanted an honorable name so, he settled for Azul- Spanish for Blue. My brothers are subsequently Ryan and Jason, so much for heritage.

I was raised in Santa Cruz, California. My entrepreneur spirit began early in life. When I was five I bought a coloring book with the intent to color each picture and sell them door to door. My salesmanship had managed to earned me $2.85 by the time I returned home; not a bad profit for a twenty five cent coloring book. I started my working career as a paperboy, getting a dollar a house, each month. I wanted to increase productivity so I took another boy’s route and combined it with mine. I figured, why not build extra racks on my bike and make more money if I had to drive down his route to get to mine?  I was not money obsessed, but it made sense to me to get better results.

I was the first in my family to go to college, and it was a mystical uncertain journey. I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t choose a major right away, it seemed more important to explore and try new things before assuming my path in life. Once at college, all of my peers already seemed to know what they wanted to pursue as a career. This seemed odd, knowing what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives. I soon realized I did know what I didn’t want to do; work behind a desk all my life. Though I worked extremely hard to get in to UCLA I was  bored in the first semester, namely because I thought college would be more than listening to lectures and taking notes on things I could have read in books at home.

By the end of my first semester as a freshman I had convinced the Spanish Department that I should travel abroad for a semester, promising that I was interested in declaring Spanish as a major. I studied for the rest of the year at the University of Guadalajara, studying Spanish–something that someone with the regal Spanish Name of Azul should probably be able to do.

When I returned to Los Angeles, I finally settled on the major World Arts & Culture- Theater and received a B.A. and eventually earned my MA in American Indian Studies in Film. The only problem once I graduated was solving the question “who would hire someone that had these credentials?” Actually, more people did hire me than I had ever expected because it turns out, having skills and a unique outlook outweigh having academic credentials.

I found that internships were more valuable and interesting than college, so the second week of school I got a internship working in a production office because I apparently knew more about “Word-Star,” the DOS based word processing program of the 80’s, than the executive producer. The work was interesting but the tedium at school got the best of me and I dropped in and out of school twice, but still graduated in 4 years. I continued working in entertainment throughout  college and found the work exciting enough to work some after college, but the writer’s strike of the 90’s brought reality TV and reality that I needed other work.

I worked varies jobs throughout my life; as an assistant editor for an academic journal,  a professional clown , an archivist in the Academy of Motion Pictures Library, a ranch hand– I even worked as an actor for a time, who in LA hasn’t? I was an executive assistant to a doctor, owned my own fitness gym and shaved ice stand, I worked as a middle school principal and now teach 8th grade and occasionally teach in graduate school.

I do not know where my life’s journey will take me but for now I love the creative work and innovation that working at High Tech Middle school provides, it’s definitely not a desk job!


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