The Revolutionized Educational Economy

Posted by Azul Terronez on Dec 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

There needs to be a revolution in Education and the way schools are run. Watch this video, from Sir Ken Robinson and you will be inspired to think differently, but most educators have no idea where to go next.

How to move from worksheets to projects would be a huge shift if this was the only thing necessary to meet the demands of the creative void that needs ┬áto be filled in the next several years. Our industrial model of education is churning out students who think that just because they went to college, there will be a job, but the jobs of the future have yet to be invented. You will either be creating in the future or waiting to work for someone that is creating, or worst yet, they will outsource your job and you will not have one at all. Colleges haven’t had to change because people just keep showing up expecting to have jobs when they graduate, but ask any recent graduate if they are having this experience.

Students will need to be creative and able to think through solving creative problems that meets the needs of a changing world. We are done with the industrial revolution and on to the connected revolution.

Teachers are the ones that will lead this charge, we need to change if we want the students to change. Start a revolution stand up and refuse to show up to a job. Be original.

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